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Before leaving office, one of the last of President Trump's little seen/heard about projects was what he called "the NATO of the Pacific". The media made hay with that title, but , nevertheless 45 had made moves to set aside a fair amount of Defense $ to help kick off the idea which was hijacked under the Biden Adminstration and became newly formed and named Quad Alliance.

This firmly pitted Australia, India, Japan and the USA against the imperial ambitions of Communist China.

Unfortunately, after taking credit for the alliance, the Biden administration went back to work at undermining the US military, leaving Australia and India to shoulder the burden of leadership i.e. pointing out the bad stuff that the communists were getting up to.

What makes this the more detrimental is that the vastness of the Pacific makes for some very difficult policing of trade routes (see the clogged trade routes)

imagine all the targets and all the ships needed to curtail mayhem. Also, the smaller Pacific countries needed to have their interests protected as the rule of law is almost a punchline in the Pacific Rim.

..and no one is even talking about the outright aggression that Communist China shows to the sovereign country of Taiwan.

Hence, we see the India/Australia partners still working to keep sharp

While the Biden administration disables our Pacific Fleets operational strength

and his henchmen help demoralize and Woke the servicemen/women

Let's hope the US wakes up and gets it's head back in the game. These are mostly long time allies and with India it allows us to make some stronger ties to China's #1 enemy in the region.


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