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Writer, Speaker and advocate
Ken Abramowitz

Some of you may know Ken as the Chair of the popular Citizens for National Security seminars that are held yearly in Boca Raton or from his "Save the West" website.

Did you know "Ken has been a staunch supporter and contributor to various organizations that are fighting to preserve liberty and to protect Israel and America from Political Islam and the radical left. Mr. Abramowitz serves on the boards of the Israel Independence Fund, American Friends of Likud, and Israel Center for Social and Economic Policy (ICSEP). He is also active in 25 pro-Israel/America/Western civilization organizations."

Bio page Save the West.

On top of his duties as CFNS Chair and his other works, Ken gives over 100 speeches a year and is an accomplished writer. His book "The MultiFront War" is available at the link below.

THE MULTI FRONT WAR by Ken Abramowitz

As he is still an accessible speaker, I would recommend that you take advantage to see him if he is in your area.

For Speaker requests, you can contact him through the "Save the West" website.


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