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If you were to point at one of , if not THE most significant operation run against the American people in order to sway the midterm 2022 elections it would probably be the leak of the Supreme Court's striking down Roe V. Wade and the backlash against all this Republican across the country.

The above article reminded me of the level to which socialism will sink in order to keep the veneer of the American system of government hanging about it. Fake evangelists spreading disinformation about supposed dinner parties where crucial information was discussed.

What's the need? Much like the Nicole Brown Simpson case, no one is out beating the streets trying to find the killer.

Below is a chart of idealogical differences on the court. Not quite the hardcore Right wingers that people are led to believe. That belief needs to continue to be perpetuated in case the day comes when socialism feels strong enough to directly challenge the Court of the Land, either by packing it with more politicized Judges or , heaven forbid, replacing it with a whole new system. See the Trial by Kafka for some references.

See the video below for a take on the significance of the Leak at the time of it's happening.


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