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Frank: It's Wednesday, June 5th. This is Frank with Iron Age News on the South Florida Conservative.

[Segment 1: News Update]

Frank: Nothing says "welcome to your new job" like burning down the Israeli embassy in Mexico City. But that's sort of how things have unfolded since the so-called first Jewish president of Mexico has taken office. Interestingly, this is yet another example of the media presenting us with half-truths and full-on fabrications.

Have no respect for fire laws

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Frank: I had a chance to review several videos showing the embassy burning, orchestrated by so-called pro-Palestinian protesters, allegedly of Mexican origin. But let's be real, with all the masks, it’s tough to confirm their identities. Given the globalist background of many organizers, we might be looking at a group of kids from San Diego indulging in some geopolitical cosplay.

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Frank: What caught my attention was who the Mexican police picked up. If they nailed foreign nationals, say Americans, it would definitely change the optics around these so-called pro-Palestinian protests.

[Segment 2: Theories and Foreign Influence]

Frank: There's a lot of speculation—some folks say it's China. But I'm leaning towards Iran. Why Iran? Well, it’s no secret they've been meddling in Central and South America, including Mexico, for a while now. Venezuela has been their main playground, but they've also dabbled in Colombia, trying to hire hitmen to target Jews in the region.

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Frank: So, while Mexico might seem like a strange target, it’s not far-fetched. Before diving in deeper, let's pivot to other related topics briefly.

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Frank: The current situation in Mexico, under its new president, showcases the intertwining of global politics and local crises. Over 35 candidates for mayoral and above positions were murdered in the recent election cycle. And this president, pushing the "Jewish president" narrative, is a staunch socialist with ties to the World Economic Forum.

Exploding the myth of "First Jewish President of Mexico" "Quirrín noted — accurately — that if elected, Sheinbaum would not be Mexico’s first president with such origins. Former Mexican presidents with Jewish roots include Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who recently obtained Spanish citizenship based on his Jewish origins, and likely also Plutarco Elías Calle, who died in 1945." Francisco Ruiz Quirrín, a columnist for the ultra-conservative weekly Primera Plana

[Segment 3: Social and Political Implications]

Frank: Now, let’s address the embattled Israeli embassy—a symbol of global and local tensions. Burning it down sends a dangerous message: it's possible, there's capability, and it brings forth concerns over potential cartel involvement. However, cartels striking against the Israeli state seems unlikely—they'd risk Israel's formidable retaliation.

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Frank: The bigger picture shows that this isn't just a local flare-up. It's part of larger geopolitical chess play, involving antisemitism, social unrest, and systemic corruption.

[Segment 4: Behind the Scenes]

Frank: Interestingly, this presidency in Mexico, touted as the first with Jewish roots, is historically significant, but also controversial. Reports suggest it's not entirely genuine. To people painting a sympathetic picture of a Jewish leader in Mexico, I’d say, dig deeper into her political machinations and global affiliations.

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Frank: The declaration of intervention by Mexico at the UN regarding the Gaza Convention typifies diplomatic theatrics. It aims to reshape the global narrative but remains rooted in political strategy rather than genuine humanitarian concern.

"On 24 May 2024, Mexico, invoking Article 63 of the Statute of the Court, filed in the Registry of the Court a declaration of intervention in the case concerning Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in the Gaza Strip (South Africa v. Israel).

Pursuant to Article 63 of the Statute, whenever the construction of a convention to which States other than those concerned in the case are parties is in question, each of these States has the right to intervene in the proceedings. If they do so, the construction given by the judgment of the Court will be equally binding upon them.

In availing itself of the right of intervention conferred by Article 63, Mexico relies on its status as a party to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (the “Genocide Convention”). In its declaration, Mexico states that it “seeks to intervene, in order to provide its view on the potential construction of the content of the provisions of the Convention relevant to this case”.

In accordance with Article 83 of the Rules of Court, South Africa and Israel have been invited to furnish written observations on Mexico’s declaration of intervention. The full text of Mexico’s declaration of intervention is available on the Court’s website". United Nations, website

That doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement of Zionism or Israeli Sovereignty so why torch the embassy?

[Segment 5: Final Thoughts]

Frank: In summary, these incendiary actions against the Israeli embassy in Mexico City symbolize broader global tensions. From Iran’s regional influence to antisemitic undertones in political chatter, it’s clear we're navigating a complex, often dangerous, geopolitical landscape.

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Frank: So, to all our listeners, stay educated. Know the players, understand the history, and always question the narrative. This has been Frank with Iron Age News on the South Florida Conservative. Catch you next Wednesday.

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[Frank]: Stay safe and informed!


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