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One of the pillars of Conservatism was and is a firm grasp of one's faith and a belief in God.

As Socialism continues it's war on the values of our society, one of the earliest casualties has been faith.

We see the Catholics and their "immoralities" the Televangelists and their constant begging and pleading for the Almighty Dollar most of the Protestants have been reduced to the level of Unitarians and serve more as a hangout and cosplay set for delusion hipsters and the almost closeted LGBT community.

Fundamentalist groups too frequently have it out with the government and (from reports that I have seen) even the Jewish are worried that a high percentage of their youth does not identify with the faith nor with the support of Israel.

There are still a number of pastors out there, quietly working to re-establish the church as the Living word of God and it seemed like that would be a good place to start looking for some answers. (Pastor Rob R. thank you , again for the help!)

If you are still doing your own research on the Bible and it's meanings, I still recommend that you take a look at the Nag Hamadi texts aka the Dead Sea Scrolls.

You will find that strong faith with compliment your decision in matters of right and wrong and now is no time to "bend like the reed" One may bend somewhat but if blown flat, there is no coming back.

If it is a lack of agreement with the entirety of the Jesus sage, that is understandable. WE are dealing with a document full of parables, riddles and allusions this is very much like when one has to study Renaissance/Enlightenment papers. You have to adjust the mind to the times and then clarify the ideas and bring them back to your present day mind.

Another interesting read can be the works of Saint Bonaventure or his Master, Francis of Assisi

It is a slow pace that one has to take to become accustomed to the thought of God in one's everyday life. How you get to the point of a working relationship is going to be up to you. It will be a challenge but one that you will see pays dividends in the troubling times ahead.

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