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Don't call Justice "payback" this is not retaliation for the witch-hunts surrounding Donald Trump. Kafka-esque adventures that cost any number of people their jobs, families, livelihoods ..... this is a US Congress starting to get the feel that the coup that brought Biden and his masters into power was not as complete as it needed to be.

Now, our elected officials (the best government money can buy) is smelling something in the wind.

Emboldened by the straight up testicular fortitude of a small group of lawmakers, they are coming out of their boltholes and starting to assemble for the purpose of Impeaching the 46th President of the United States for a laundry list of crimes. But, not only him, we also have the Secretary of Homeland Security looking down the barrel of a similar Impeachment

Gavin Newsome is the new Reinhard Heydrich. Look him up!

Hakeem Jeffries (the Left's Immaculate Conception)

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