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(Once we get the subs out of the system, we hope to be able to supply you with more information from Ric.)

Ric Jorge is a well known speaker, instructor and author in the First Responder community and a number of the lessons that he has learned transfer easily into the average person's world. A career firefighter, Jorge has made it a passion to spread the word on mental and physical health in the First responder community.

"After being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), I sought out ways to get “better.” I was on a mission to be whole again.

Quite by accident, I discovered techniques that worked extremely well to keep my anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and sleeplessness in check. I developed these new techniques and refined them to benefit me further. I was now on a mission. I shamelessly stalked sports and military psychologists about these techniques. I hounded researchers about specific work they had done and even went so far as to visit neurologists just to talk to them about the way the brain works."

A short interview:

Part of Ric's Resilience philosophy/ Lecture series

You can find Ric's videos at his YouTube channel.

As mentioned, Ric doesn't just talk putting out fires, he and other's in the First responder Community cover a wide range of topics, most lately, the plague of suicide among First Responders.


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