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Did the Establishment Raise its Middle Finger to We The People?

Sean O’Neill

The long awaited result is finally in; the Republican National Committee has selected Ronna McDaniel to lead the RNC for a fourth consecutive term! Her stellar record of election victory after election victory placed her in good stead with the privileged few who decided the outcome of this vote. The DC Swamp is huge and in reality, if you are like me, it feels just the same as a Democrat win in a regular election - the fix was in!

Aren’t we lucky?

In the run up to the vote Rassmussen carried out a telephone poll of 900 Republican voters and asked them who would be their choice to lead the RNC? Let’s compare the results of the poll with the RNC’s vote:

In effect the selection result is a complete reversal of the poll. What does this mean? Was the poll flawed in some way? Are the unwashed masses ignorant and need help from their betters? Or, did the Establishment raise its middle finger towards We The People and the MAGA Crowd?

In another poll Rassmussen asked the following - In terms of helping elect candidates for their party which has been more effective in recent years?

As can be seen Democrats have a far higher regard for the efforts of the DNC than Republicans do for the RNC. Could that be because of 2018, 2020, 2022 or all of them? Is there anything the RNC could learn from these numbers? It would seem not but they need to keep in mind the power of the purse.

And let’s not forget the efforts of the Main Stream Media (MSM) and especially FOX over the last few weeks. Mike Lindell campaigned hard on that pesky little matter of Election Integrity but they treated him badly and spoke of him as a fringe candidate. In contrast Ronna McDaniels was spoken of with reverence and elevated by some to an almost goddess-like status. Well … will some have egg on their collective faces?

Let’s look on the bright side though - The Precinct Strategy is growing in strength and Local Action = National Impact.

Does that seem too hopeful? Keep this in mind if you have doubts in our collective strength - there is a certain retailer who threw out the pillows and their customers followed. How’s their stock doing right now?

We will win!


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