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It should be noted that one of socialism's favorite tactics at present is the multitude of waves of dispossessed immigrants that float out of the undeveloped world and into either Europe or the United States.

This is a tactic that goes all the way back to Genghis Khan as he and his hordes would drive the panicked populace of one conquered area into another. There is a two fold reason for this; First, it forces an undue hardship upon the infrastructure of the unwilling "host" country.

(all these extra people with an, in most cases, different language, no skills or unneeded skills and of course no money to pay for anything) As they must either repel these people and or situate them somewhere so that they are not a burden on the local communities. Second, it allowed the conquerers to clear the newly seized territories of those that they felt to be inferior or a nuisance (hence the invasion)

What the European Union has been receiving (immigrants from Libya/North Africa, etc.) is a flood of uneducated, for the most part males whose sole goal seems to be to get to the country with the best welfare system. "No GO' zones are reported in a number of EU countries where groups of migrants have made their own little enclaves and have no interest in assimilation with the local communities. Most interactions are either to get their welfare stipends or, in some cases, to try and enact Sharia law in their community. This causing increased friction with the natives as well as law enforcement

Ditto those coming in to the United States from it's northern and southern borders.

I will acknowledge the invasion of Venezuelans into Colombia and surrounding countries but it is not a total "cultural invasion" like the other two areas. However, it is bad and has threatened to wreck the financial stability of the Colombia government and people.

Which brings us to the famous "Rivers of Blood" speech given by Member of Parliament Enoch Powell (all information included with video below)

Powell reckoned correctly that flooding the country with people who may be "members of the British Empire" was not the same as being English. It's something that we, in the US, are not truly involved with as we are the famous "nation of immigrants" but the people who made up the population of the British Isles at the time of Caesar or the Normans or the Magna Carta, shared not only a common language (dialects of course but still the same language) as well as similar customs, beliefs ,etc.

Those for the British Colonies (outside of North America) would represent the cultures of Africa, India, Middle East and China. They had very little if any similarity in lifestyle to the Indigenous English and in some cases, still don't.

Assimilation was the only key to allowing for a harmonious country and one free of sectarian and racial/cultural tensions and as Powell saw it, the socialists or pre-Woke-ists were not going to do anything to solve that issue. Socialism needs to celebrate diversity to the point that it can be exploited to sectarian violence and then to move it towards totalitarian rule.

So while England and France set about to change the cultural of their countries from the indigenous culture and people to some new easier to manipulate hodgepodge of cultural cliques, the socialist eye was cast on the United States.

The problem had been that with the large influxes of immigrants during the Industrial Revolution and the building booms and railroad booms, etc. The US had successfully assimilated the majority of the immigrants that came (legally) into the country. The much attacked Ellis Island model being shown to have been a good system regardless of the retro historians that try to paint it otherwise. People learned basic citizenship and for the most part learned English so as to move up the socio/economic ladder. But, socialism can always find a victim and it has been successful to some extent or another in whipping up racism in this country as well as the new Holy Grail, transsexual ism.

One would hope that people would take a look at the history of these issues instead of listening to those whose sole goal is to rule us by any means necessary. If they did they would see that there has to be give and take in all things but that any contrived crisis, those events based on a lie are some of the worst things in humanity.

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