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Updated: May 22

There are laws enshrined in the English legal system to stop this.

UNITED KINGDOM : Ensuring the Stability of Our Democratic Institutions


As Conservatives, our commitment to preserving the stability, integrity, and longevity of the United Kingdom’s democratic institutions is unwavering. The framework of our government, built on centuries of tradition, law, and sacrifice, forms the bedrock of our society. It is imperative that those entrusted with public office uphold and respect this framework. This paper advocates for the strict removal of any officeholders who wish to overthrow our governmental framework, thereby safeguarding our cherished institutions.

The Conservative Commitment to Law and Order

Conservatism is rooted in the principles of law, order, and respect for the rule of law. Our democratic institutions, from Parliament to local councils, operate on the foundation of legal and constitutional norms. Officeholders are stewards of the public trust, and their primary duty is to uphold these norms. Advocating for the overthrow of our governmental framework is a direct affront to these principles and constitutes a severe breach of the public trust.

Upholding Democratic Integrity

The United Kingdom’s democratic system is renowned for its resilience and adaptability. However, its success hinges on the commitment of those in power to operate within the bounds of our established laws and procedures. Officeholders who espouse the overthrow of the government undermine the very essence of our democracy.

Mechanisms for Removal

Members of Parliament (MPs)

  1. Parliamentary Procedures:

  • Standards Committee: The House of Commons Standards Committee must rigorously enforce the Code of Conduct. MPs found to be advocating governmental overthrow should be investigated, and if found guilty, recommended for suspension or expulsion.

  • Recall Petition: Leveraging the Recall of MPs Act 2015 is crucial. Should an MP be suspended for their conduct, a recall petition must be initiated promptly, allowing constituents to voice their disapproval and, if necessary, trigger a by-election.

  1. Legal Actions:

  • Criminal Prosecution: Advocacy for the overthrow of the government is not merely a political stance but a potentially criminal act. Legal avenues should be pursued, and convictions should lead to automatic disqualification from office.

Ministers and Government Officials

  1. Executive Authority:

  • Prime Minister’s Discretion: The Prime Minister should exercise swift and decisive authority to dismiss any minister in violation of the Ministerial Code. Supporting governmental overthrow must be recognized as a fundamental breach of this code.

  1. Civil Service Discipline:

  • Civil servants are bound by codes of conduct demanding impartiality and respect for the constitutional framework. Violations must result in disciplinary actions, including dismissal.

Local Government Officials

  1. Local Governance:

  • Local councils' standards committees should exercise their powers to investigate and sanction officials advocating governmental overthrow. Proper enforcement of local codes of conduct will ensure the integrity of local governance.

  1. Legal and Recall Actions:

  • Similar to national officeholders, local officials should face recall procedures and legal actions where appropriate. This ensures that no part of our governance is left vulnerable to subversive elements.


The health of our democracy relies on the steadfastness of those who serve in public office. Conservatively advocating for the removal of officeholders who wish to overthrow our governmental framework is not only about protecting our institutions but about preserving the trust of the British people. Allowing such individuals to remain in office jeopardizes the rule of law, undermines public confidence, and threatens the stability of our nation.

We must act decisively to ensure that our officeholders exemplify the highest standards of conduct and dedication to the constitutional framework that has served our country so well. This commitment to stability, integrity, and the rule of law defines us as Conservatives and safeguards the future of our democratic institutions.

Call to Action

We urge all stakeholders, be they Parliamentarians, local councilors, or civil servants, to join us in this vital effort. Let us affirm our dedication to the rule of law and the principles upon which our great nation stands. Together, we can ensure that the values of democracy, order, and justice prevail.

He knew the dangers of the situation the UK now faces


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