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Since the bloody wave of ISIS and ISIL reached it's high water mark and has since drawn back, the vacuum of power in the Islamic ganagster world has been slowly and steadily filled by groups such as Boko Haram of Nigeria.

Starting out with the veneer of Islamic extremism on it, the group started out in the kidnap for ransom business, then murder, then oil theft and extortion. Now, it is moving forward and taking over land in the country of Nigeria and killing any Christians and/or non Islamics that it gets it's hands on. (link to BH attacks below)

Boko Haram's success has been two fold as it has been able to field a fairly large force of fighting men, reasonably well equipped and augmented? with outside foreign fighters and it has been pitted against one of the largest and worst? of the African armies namely Nigeria.

With a military that is rife with corruption and nepotism, it has been hard for the army to formulate a cohesive plan to deal with the Islamists. Add to that the byzantine mesh of languages and tribes that run through the country of Nigeria (roughly 371 ethnic groups and around 500? languages) and you have a recipe for disaster. (see some of the country's language and tribal breakdown below.)

Similar human rights outrages are occurring in Syria as other Islamist militias take advantage of the anarchy and slay any non Muslim that they see.

It has become an international human rights issue, but one that the United Nations and, of course, the United States want no part of. More than one academic has pointed out that the globalists and muslim extremists both seek to destroy the Jews and Christians as they are the underpinning of Western Civilization and what can't be done through the media and the law will be done with the sword. A none too comforting thought for those of the faithful.

It is, however, a reality. One would have thought that just for the sheer sake of protecting the oil revenues that the United Kingdom and Commonwealth forces would have gone into policing mode. Boko Haram is not unbeatable. They have no modern artillery or air support.

Logistics? Intelligence? not so much. A modern army can wipe them out and stop all this unhappiness (I saw through force as that is all the this crew understands. No negotiation)

It is just a matter of an outside nation(s) will to help save the lives of the people of the country and stop another genocide. It probably won't happen but we still have to hear the unpleasant truth and hope that the Rule of Law shows back up in the world.

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