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It looks like it's going to be a situation of meeting atrocity with further atrocity.

There used to be a line of thought among the older terrorists that the Israelis were a finite amount and that they (the Arabs) would eventually win out through attrition.

This mindset would seem to be in the background of the well co-ordinated attacks that ran through Israel. Women, children and the elderly making up a majority of the fatalities. (No word on what percentage of hostages are from this demographic) Thus making the barbarisms of rape and mutilation even more stirring for the population of Israel.

But not for mainstream western media

The average Palestinian is going to pay an every rising price for the last, and probably, best of these terror attacks as Gaza is preparing to be bombed flat. They must now take their chances on the road to Egypt and from there?

Decent quality video from the theater of war.


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