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It seems that another round in the fight between Governor Ron DeSantis and certain agents and members of the Broward Schools Teacher's Union has begun.

This newest round follows on the programs put forward by the Governor for a revitalization of education in the State. (see below)

This was the response to the continued resistance by the Left and it's helpers in the Teachers Union to try and circumvent first, the Covid issue and then, the question of sexually charged works and Critical Race Theory being injected into the state's school's curriculum.

This stands outside of the recent removals of Board members following Grand Jury recommendations regarding safety issues.

The recurring theme in the County seems to be the continual opposition by the Teacher's Union led by Anna Fusco against the laws of the State of Florida.

Fusco is no stranger to contradictions. She has and does continue to out earn any and all of the full time teachers in the County ( somewhere in the neighborhood of $160,000!!) and also manages to hold an expense package similar to that of the Principals and Board. (see below for pay breakdown)

All this and she manages to keep the rank and file at a roughly 1to 3% increase over the last few years making them some of the lowest paid teachers in Florida.

It is also thought that unless the Governor makes some strict rules as to how the new teacher's salary money is to be disbursed, the rank and file will, again, not really see any of the State's largesse as it will be swallowed up in the Union's coffers. One simply has to ask Senator Scott about that situation to see it as true.

Now, we hear that following an incriminating email from Fusco to assorted teachers urging them to meddle with the books that are available at the schools, there are reports that teachers and/or librarians have been seen removing "Classic" books from the Miramar schools library.

Since one can't just walk into a public school, I made a number of calls to Mr. Dan Foganholi who is the Board member from District 1, the district with the book thieves. I thought that he would be able to give me a "Yes or No" regarding the issue of blatant censorship and theft of public/school property by employees but, unfortunately, his phone goes to voice mail.

(Note: an email was also sent outlining the book theft and the admonition that he should, as the responsible board member, find and secure the last weeks worth of surveillance tapes in and around the library.)

I am confidant that we will hear back from Mr. Foganholi in the next day and all will be well with the world.

If this event is proven out, it will one more example of an out of control union President and the Leftist minions that keep the Broward Teacher's Union a stagnant and fossilizing obstruction to the County's education system.

If you have questions for Mr. Foganholi, I suggest you courteously contact him at his office

through his email.

If you have questions as to the Union's activities

As always, let's keep things civilized. The thing that sets us apart from the socialists is courtesy.

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